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Welcome to the James E. Vieh Law office

We’re proud that our law firm offers top-notch legal services for local, regional and national clients.  We have over 40 years experience in all phases of business and civil law and are ready to assist with any legal problem you may have.


Arizona Attorney With Over 40 Years of Civil Litigation Experience!


It’s very hard to name a civil litigation field where our expertise is absent from. Over our three plus decades of practicing law, we have dedicated ourselves to become the legal voice of our clients. As we often say, "give us your issue and relax...we will take care
of it for you."

Winning Attitude

Winning your case is a combination of
decades of experience and is thanks to our due diligence, timely efforts and an incredible range of legal strategies. We know the law
and apply the time and efforts
necessary to successfully resolve your
legal issues.

Timely Work

Working with a lot of civil litigation allows us to make some considerable timing shortcuts. That means that while we never compromise for an attention to case’s details, we also never waste your time. Preparation and knowledge
are our key assets. !

Fair Pricing

On par with such a client-friendly pace of work, we also have another uncompromised advantage – namely, our fair pricing!
We are cognizant of your time
and your budgets and do our best
to minimize any unnecessary expense!

Our Legal Practice Areas:


Experience That Matters

When you are involved in civil litigation, you need an
experienced and dedicated attorney to make sure your rights
and best interests are protected. At the Arizona law office of
James E. Vieh, P.L.C., we represent individuals and businesses
throughout the Valley of the Sun with skill, confidence and dedication.
With an MBA in Finance from Cornell University, attorney Jim Vieh is uniquely able to analyze the complete issues involved in various business transactions, including deeds, loans and priority of interests. He will advise you regarding the financial and tax implications of any settlements and work hard to resolve your legal problem efficiently.


Construction Litigation

With our legal principles and our desire for justice being our first and foremost value, we always try to diversify the range of cases which we take on.
Construction Litigation -
We represent contractors, subcontra ctors, developers and property owners in-valved in disputes regarding:
• Construction or building defects
• Construction contracts


Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation - When you are involved
in a business dispute, it is important to have an attorney with
experience to anticipate problems and find sensible solutions.
Contact us if you are involved a dispute regarding:
• Contracts
• Allocation of profit and debt between business
• Bank foreclosures on nonperforming commercial


Real Estate Litigation

Commercial tenants, landlords, developers a nd banks sometimes rely on our legal a dvice and representation regarding:
• Leases and other contracts
• Disputes involving real estate commissions
We will thoroughly evaluate your situation, help
you understand how the law applies to your case
and develop solutions tha t fit your specific needs
and goals.


Automobile Accidents

If you have been seriously Injured, or if a loved one has died, in a car accident, we will fight to ensure that the responsible party pays for your losses. At James E.Vieh, P.L.C., we aggressively pursue your interests by:
• Hiring a private investigator to gather evidence before
it disappears
• Gathering and reviewing all accident and medical reports
• Interviewing witnesses
• Negotiating with insurance carriers to protect your rights
• If a reasonable settlement is not offered, we will litigate
your case
Time is of the essence in car accident cases. Waiting too
long can jeopardize your claim. Call 480-707-5000 today.


Wrongful Deaths

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but attorney
Jim Vieh can help you get compensation for medical bills, lost
wages, funeral expenses and loss of companionship.As a former insurance defense attorney, Jim Vieh is familiar with how the "other side" puts together its case, and all the methods they will use to minimize your claims.
Families are often left with little income when one parent
dies. In Arizona, an immediate family member (parent, child or
spouse) can bring a claim against the person responsible for a
wrongful death. However, the process is complicated and insurance companies are in the business of paying the least they can to get rid of your case.

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See what some of our client are saying:

VIE Lady Justice 042022
I have known and been a client of Jim's for many years. Jim has represented several of my businesses, my personal work, and many miscellaneous issues. He has proven his worth over and over and gotten better at his profession each year I have dealt with him. Dealing with Jim enables a client to speak directly win him He is one of the best, if not the best attorney in Arizona, not a junior attorney in a large firm. Jim has represented a former Arizona governor as well as two former Attorney Generals of Arizona. That should speak volumes to someone considering Jim for any legal issues they may have. Now, after forty years, I consider Jim Vieh one of my best friends as well as the best attorney in Arizona! Someone needing legal work could not do better.
- Bob Hope
VIE Lady Justice 042022
We are thrilled with the excellent legal representation that we have received from Jim Vieh and his paralegal team. He is not only an exceptional and highly experienced litigator but also has a comforting confidence in the process. WE highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for an attorney who will protect your interest while providing needed insights and strategies for a victorious legal come
- Mark New Managing Partner of Dorado Benefit Advisors Phoenix, Arizona

Distinctive Recognition

Attorney To Former Arizona Governor
Five Out of Five Attorney Rating
Assistant Attorney General State of AZ
Vice Mayor & Member Town of Paradise Valley
Judge Pro-Tem Maricopa Superior Court

Also, former Chairman of the Board, Valley of the Sun School & Rehabilitation Center

Fluent In Spanish & German