Our Law Firm’s Advantages

Any Litigation

It’s very hard to name an either civil or a commercial litigation field, in which we don’t provide services. Starting with Commercial and Business Law; Real Estate Law; and Auto Accident & Personal Injury, fields for helping individuals and businesses with the real estate law, business arbitration & mergers and acquisitions for the commercial and business entities, we have it all covered… Our vast experience and paralegals will be glad to provide you with a top-notch service and uphold your interests either in court or by reaching a confidential settlement in your favor

A Passion For Justice

From Contract Law to Auto Accidents and Wrongful Death Cases, my goal is to ensure that I , and my staff, do the hard work and the research necessary to provide the best possible legal representation. Over our nearly four decades of legal representation for individuals and companies, our goal is to be prepared and have the full weight of the law on our side and on our clients side with regard to their case. And when you retain the Law Firm of James E. Vieh, you work directly with me and are not "shuffled off" to junior level attorney's.

Timely & Affordable

While we’ve already told you that we work with a whole multitude of civil and commercial litigation and win a very high percentage of those cases, and there are two more advantages to hiring our law firm… Firstly, we never waste our clients time – either for redundant paperwork or for stockpiling cases while doing hearings in the court. We have a vast experience and a plethora of resource always working to get your interests upheld and your case successful in an as fast a manner as legally possible. Also, we’re proud to be one of the most affordable law firms in the valley of the Sun.

Our Legal Practice Areas:

Our law firm has always been providing an as wide range of civil and commercial litigation services, as possible. Here’s a shortlist out of more than 2 dozens of services we have:


Experience That Matters

When you are involved in civil litigation, you need an experienced and ded icated attorney to make sure your rights and best interests are protected. At the Arizona law office of James E. Vi eh. P.L.C., we represent individuals and businesses throughout the Valley of the Sun with skill, confidence and dedication. With an MBA in Finance from Cornell University, attorney Jim Vieh is uniquely able to analyze the complete issues involved in various business transactions, including deeds, loans and priority of interests. He will advise you regarding the financial and tax implicati ons of any settlements and work hard to resolve your legal problem efficiently.


Construction Litigation

With our legal principles and our desire for justice being our first and foremost value, we always try to diversify the range of cases which we take on. Construction litigation We represent contractors, subcontra ctors, developers and property owners in-valved in disputes regarding:
• Construction or building defects
• Construction contracts


Commercial Litigatation

Commercial Litigation - When you are invol ved
in a business dispute, it is important to have an attorney with experience to anticipate problems and find sensible solutions. Contact us if you are involved a dispute regarding: • Contracts
• Allocation of profit and debt between business associates
• Bank foreclosures on nonperforming commercial loans


Real Estate Litigation

Commercial tenants, landlords, developers a nd banks sometimes rely on our legal a dvice and representation regarding:
• Leases and other contracts
• Disputes involving real estate commissions
We will thoroughly evaluate your situation, help you understand how the law applies to your case
and develop solutions tha t fit your specific needs and goals.


Automobile Accidents

If you have been seriously Injured, or if a loved one has died, in a car accident, we will fight to ensure that the responsible party pays for your losses. At James E.Vieh, P.L.C we aggressively pursue your interests by:
• Hiring a private investigator to gather evidence before it disappears
• Gathering and reviewing all accident and medical reports
• Interviewing witnesses
• Negoti ating wi th insurance carriers to protect your rights
• If a reasonable settl ement is not offered, we will litigate your case
Time is of the essence in car accident cases. Waiting too long can jeopardize your claim. Call 480-707-5000 today.


Wrongful Deaths

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but attorney im Vieh can help you get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses and loss of companionship.As a former insurance defense attorney, Jim Vieh is familiar with how the "other side" puts together its case, and all the methods they will use to minimize your cl aims. Families are often left wi th little income when one parent dies. In Arizona, an immediate family member (parent, child or pouse) can bring a claim against the person responsible for a rongful death. However, the process is complicated and insurance companies are in the business of paying the least they can to get rid of your case.

Free Legal Consultation

We are available to  provide our clients with the  best initial analysis on any legal issue. Once we have agreed upon the strategy to move forward with your defense or offense, we’ll be there for you every step of the way!!

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    Real Clients

    Basically, when people say that their efficiency cannot be measured, beware .  Our clients have ranged from Celebrities to Governor’s; Business Leaders to Average Citizens.  Our services and dedication are the same. 

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    Bob Hope • Real Estate & Finance

    I have known and been a client of Jim's for many years. Jim has represented several of my businesses, my personal work, and many miscellaneous issues. He has proven his worth over and over and gotten better at his profession each year I have dealt with him. Dealing with Jim enables a client to speak directly win him He is one of the best, if not the best attorney in Arizona, not a junior attorney in a large firm. Jim has represented a former Arizona governor as well as two former Attorney Generals of Arizona. That should speak volumes to someone considering Jim for any legal issues they may have. Now, after forty years, I consider Jim Vieh one of my best friends as well as the best attorney in Arizona! Someone needing legal work could not do better.

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    Mark New • Managing Partner of Dorado Benefit Advisors Phoenix, Arizona

    We are thrilled with the excellent legal representation that we have received from Jim Vieh and his paralegal team. He is not only an exceptional and highly experienced litigator but also has a comforting confidence in the process. WE highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for an attorney who will protect your interest while providing needed insights and strategies for a victorious legal come

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